“To be honest Myles is in a class of his own. I never picked him as a builder at the first meeting… too qualified. But I have to say he knows his stuff. I got him to check a house out I could afford and I somehow ended up getting him to build me a new home. He was switched on to what the average person wants and can realistically achieve on a tighter budget. All information offered was honest and easily conveyed. A spade was a spade with costing and clear to what you got and anything i was unsure of he allowed sums to achieve a more finished product. When I got a design finally he talked to the architect and engineer for me and they hit it off. The small changes and little “idiosyncratic design quirks” as he called them really made my wee pad. Myles not only built me a great home but has given me an investment that is now showing huge potential return. He was always easy to talk to and would take you through everything no matter what.


Dave Hunter

“I was talking to Myles in the queue of the super market about cooking and said I needed a new kitchen. He gave me his card and said he loved food and building and if I ever wanted him to take a look at the kitchen let him know and off he went. My husband and I later got a series of drawings and sent it off to a builder who came back with a quote that was huge. I decided to give Myles a call and he came over that evening and had a look at the drawings. He gave me a Estimate quote on the spot that seemed great. He said he was happy to go away and quote the job and throw in a quote for a few other things too like flooring and mortaring the roof and insulation. He sent me an email 2 days later with a fixed price, and didn’t charge to quote. The following week he ripped out the kitchen. The job was quick and efficient. No mucking about. Joinery was great and everything was exact. The outcome was very pleasing indeed and Myles was great to have around.”


Elisa Marsden

Queenstown Builder









"I asked Myles a local Queenstown builder to do my building work, the result was not only a job done well, but a job that reconstructed the project into a better form aesthetically than I could have imagined. Having someone capable of not only building, but complicated design as well, and then add to that the care put into the craftsmanship, amazing - that sets Myles apart from the rest."


Phil Causer Arrowtown

"Myles Is a delight to have around and his skill as well as his teams craftsmanship is fantastic. Any issues were quickly sorted in a decisive manner. The charge up manner worked out great and cheaper than his estimate and his open book policy was really nice to see." 

Queenstown Builder





Queenstown Builder

Queenstown Builder